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Intrusion Alarm
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The Security of your premises is something you can hardly afford to sleep over. Or worse still/Lose sleeps over! Now, Avancar Alarm system provides an effective way to minimize your risk.
The Avancar Alarm system has been designed to take care of even the minute and most complex security aspects.
Avancar Burglar Alarm is a formidable electronic security system that maintains a constant vigil over your premise. A completely dependable system that does not sleep, does not goof or does not go over to the other side.
You are in complete control:
no longer are you at the mercy of an incompetent watchman. At the flick of an unobtrusive and concealed micro switch, you can raise the alarm. When you are out of the premises, various, sensors i.e. PIR, Magnetic contact get activated on intrusion, by unauthorized person. This will instantly trigger an attention audio-visual alarm.
Zonal Indication:
Unlike ordinary alarm systems, Avancar system operates on a zonal indication mode, which makes it extremely well suited to the need of large premises. This facility makes it possible for your security personal to identify within seconds the precise location area, where an intruder tripped an alarm sensor.
Tamper Proof:
A unique closed loop feedback system makes this unit, virtually tamperproof. An attempt to cut the cables, or tamper the system will raise an immediate alarm.
Silent Testing:
Routine checks on the system can be undertaken without the unnecessary clanging audio alarm. This is easily done by means of convenient audio switch.
Battery Backup and Battery Charger:
Even if the mains are shut off, or there is a power cut, your alarm will still continue to be operational. Avancar system is built to switch automatically to a battery mode of operation in an emergency. The batteries are maintenance free, and we have incorporated battery charger circuit. Trouble free battery backup.
Motion Detector System:
The Avancar system is so advanced that you can attach sensors to detect even the most careful or stealthy movements and trigger the alarm.

A passive infra Red (PIR), Ultra sonic, (with inaudible sound waves) Micro switches, Mercury Level Switches, Glass break detectors, vibration sensors or smoke sensors could be incorporated into the system at your option.
Speedy Fault Rectification:
Avancar system Have a modular card design which allows for quick and easy servicing.
Prevents Unauthorised use:
The control system is equipped with locking device which allows accessibility to only the user, and prevents an unauthorised use of the alarm system.
Modern Design Control Unit:
The control unit is designed to match the modern decor of the premises, the box is Powder Coated for for longer life and classic finish.
WIRELESS REMOTE ALARM SYSTEMS: Security alarm system, where in the control panel is not wired to the sensors. Useful for small establishments, where it is very difficult to do hard wiring.

Fire Alarm System: Avancar presents fine range of fire alarm systems useful for shop, industries, offices, multiplexes & shopping malls.
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