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Avancar introduces door frame & Handheld metal detector for purpose of security
Walkthrough Metal Detectors
Our Door frame Range of walk through metal detectors are designed to detect both ferrous & non ferrous metals concealed on a person in any possible manner including metals concealed in ferrite containers.

The search coil & control modules are search coil & control modules are housed in aesthetically designed door frames which easily merge in to any aristocratic/sophisticated decor.

Components of the highest quality have been employed throughout the process of assembly. Plug in card system has been employed for ease of servicing & minimum down-time. Our metal detectors are backed by a team of top-notch service technicians specifically trained for quick service ever required throughout the country.
Handheld Metal detector
For use in Concealed Weapon and Contraband Detection

Avancar-2001 provides high sensitivity in anti theft applications where small metals objects must be protected. Jewelry, electronics products, computer processor tool set scan be scanned.

Avancar-2001 high sensitivity allows a search to be non intrusive and hands - off by minimizing physical contact with the subject.

The lightweight construction, comfortable grip, large screening area, fast detection circuitry all contribute to higher screening and reduce operation fatigue and the unit can even detect as mall staple pin in high sensitivity mode.
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