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Products »  Telephone Voice Recording System (TVRS)
TVRS-PCI is a Multi-Channel based Voice Logger designed for obtaining extended recordings of Audio Signals. IA-PCVL-PCI was specifically designed keeping in view an economical solution for extended recordings during surveillance and communications operations. The system is designed for maximum expandability at minimum cost. The Voice signal are recorded in compressed format on a magnetic media usually a Hard Disk Drive and immediately converted to non-proprietary .WAV format for playback. Recording can be triggered by Receiver pick-up (On Hook, Off Hook Mode) and Audio activity (VOX Mode).

Simultaneous monitoring of 8/16/32/64/128 is possible on a single system. A complete database containing all the call related information like In/out tag, Incoming/ Outgoing Numbers, Calling Date, Call Start Time, Call End Time, Call Duration etc. is maintained. Extended search capabilities on all the call related information is also available. There are also provisions for sorting records based on channel no., telephone no., date, start time, end time, call duration etc.

The Call Logging module would log all the call details, including the data and time for each call in a different file. The calls are logged onto the hard disk of a PC, which can record typically more than 2800 hrs of speech (assuming 80GB). The logging will continue without human intervention. The administrator can get a summary of all the calls that have been logged, and can listen to them On-line. The Editing module is the other module, which will allow the message to be edited by standard operations such as Cut, Copy, and Paste etc. Both the environments will be interactive working under Microsoft Windows platform. Entire System is quite user friendly and doesn’t require any special Training for computer usage.

The System is able to pick up an incoming call as soon as the call is responded and start recording. When the caller hangs up, it detects the event and stops the recording, moreover the system also consists a feature of Voice Operated used in case of other media’s like Radio communication, Satellite Communication etc.
Voice Recording
Automatic Recording of both sides telephonic conversation/ audio/ radio conversation, simultaneously on all the channels.
Date & Time
Recording of Date, Time and duration of the call. Moreover the system also offers the start and stop time of the recorded calls.
Start / Stop Time
The system will also record Start and stop time of all the recorded conversations.
Duration of all the recorded calls are logged and can be reviewed on the main screen.
In / Out Tagging
Tagging for incoming (In) and outgoing (Out) numbers against the telephone numbers.
On Line Monitoring
Simultaneously, On–Line Monitoring of all the offered channels.
Searching – Sorting
A user-friendly operation for searching the logged calls and sorting through Channels No, Calls (In /out), Start time, Stop time, Duration and Date & Time.
Remote Playback/ Monitoring
Feature allows playback of the recorded calls on multiple channels on a remote landline or mobile number using password authentication
Editing / Filtering
All recorded messages can be edited and filtered for noise and the actual meaningful message can be amplified for better sound quality.
Pseudo Lines
Automatic recording on Pseudo Lines i.e. Calls of a Cellular phone target diverted on a landline phone will be recorded automatically without any human intervention.(Note: Incoming Number will not be available in case target call is diverted on the Mobile Number)
Link with Cellular / Phone Directory
Automatic link to Cellular Phone directory for searching the name and address of dialed and incoming mobile numbers.
(Database from local mobile operators to be provided by the procuring agency)
Operating Principle
The system works on the principle of On / Off Hook, Pseudo (Ring Detection) and VOX (Voice operated mode) and all the three modes are fully user programmable for individual target lines.
Adjustable Sampling Rate
Adjustable sampling rate for making the speech speed faster or slower.
Channel Filtering
This feature allows the user to independently configure channels to filter out the recorded calls having dialed number
  • Starting With, Containing, Ending With
Backup of calls recorded on all channels
  • Selected Archiving lets the user select the calls, which has to be backed up.
  • Complete Archiving creates a complete backup of calls that have been recorded.
Alert/ Indication
System will give alert on
  • Disc Full/ Approaching Full (Programmable)
  • Target Active
Multi-level Security by Password Protection System (Administration, Supervisor, Operator and Archiving)
Voice Logger is having comprehensive BITE capability which monitors continuously health of the System and informs Status. Diagnostic Software will provide any fault in the System.
Technical Specifications
Channels: 8/16/32/64/128 Analog Channels
Voice Coding Method: 64 KBPS (A/J law) G.711 PCM
Trigger Mode:
On-hook/ Off-hook mode (High Impedance)
VOX mode with programmable Threshold Level
Storage Capacity:
On Hard Disk of PC (to be provided separately)
Recording more than 2800 hrs on 80 GB hard disk
ADPCM, A-law, M-law, PCM
(User Programmable for each Channel)
Sampling Rate: 8000 samples per second
Frequency Response: 300 - 3400 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
Analog Input
  • Impedance 600 K or > 20K
  • Balanced or Unbalanced
Cross Talk: Lesser than 50 dB
Distortion: Less than 3%
Signal to Noise ratio: Better than 40 db
Recording Sensitivity: Better than 30 dbm
Dialed Number: DTMF
Caller ID: FSK/ DTMF
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