About Avancar Broadcasst Media Pvt. Ltd.

AVANCAR BROADCASST Media Private Limited (Formerly known as Keshav Entertainments Pvt. Ltd.) is India’s leading premiere comprehensive Live Darshan Provider, Advertising agency, Ad Film Distributor, TV Shows and Live Concerts Organizer.

AVANCAR BROADCASST Media Private Limited is engaged in Promotion of Religious and Historical places across India and abroad. AVANCAR BROADCASST Media Private Limited is providing services of all types of TV Commercials, Corporate ads, corporate films making services and product promotion etc. We are in Casting, Producing, Trading all kind of music in all available marketable form including CD, Film Production, Music Production, and Audio Video Productions.

Within the devotional services AVANCAR BROADCASST Media Private Limited has been providing “Virtual Darshan” services on internet, Mobile since year 2006 (With Our group company AVANCAR SECURITY & Access Services Private Limited” & Our Partner “TCL”) has installed and laid its networks and other infrastructure to provide 24 x 7 x 365 “Virtual or Live Darshan”.

The services were later started on year 2011 from 4 major temples across India namely Hanuman Dhara, (Chitrakoot), Kamtanath ji (Chitrakoot), Maa sharda Devi (Maihar) & Govind Dev ji (Jaipur).

In the advertising domain through our experience AVANCAR BROADCASST Media Private Limited has specialized in target specific campaigns. Through our extensive tie-ups with both big and small Private brands like TATA communications and government sector we have been acting as a bridge between our clients and their customers.

We offer integrated high-end Branding and Advertising solutions through result-oriented approach. Our strategic advertising process has continuously been going on through different communication channels over the last 7 years.

We already hold experience in running advertising campaign on the Railway Inquiry 139 platform through BBPO since 2014 wherein we have successfully run the Uttar Pradesh Governments' advertising campaign on this popular platform.


Working Profile

Avancar Broadcasst Media is doing all kind of promotions like Road Shows via Mobile Display Vans, Mobile Canters, Canopies/Kiosks Installation, Customer’s Interaction Programmes, Brand Promotion/Mall Promotion, In-Shop Promotions, Society Promotions, Human Banners, Fliers Distributors, Religious Places, Historical Places, and Mystery Campaigns.